Welcome to EbbnFlow on-line, here you will find back copies and a gallery that features images from past issues.
The first edition of Ebb and Flow came out in February 2006. A planning group had met at The Cloisters the previous October to discuss what would replace the Newsletter. This popular publication was for Benhall, Sternfield and Snape and for many years was compiled by Kay Langer and printed by Michael Newson, both former members of Sternfield Church.
With the professional guidance of John Waddell, Chairmanship of Robin Alderson and enthusiastic committee, Ebb and Flow was launched. Every month they met, fuelled by coffee and D’s famous flapjacks, to discuss articles. Those were pre-email and mobile phone days so meeting was essential. Ebb and Flow is still very much enjoyed and provides good contact within our villages and now on-line around the world.

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